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“We strive to build our brand on customer trust, positive reputation, Invention, sustainability and social consciousness, and our goal is to become world’s top intimate and personal hygiene company”

We are a healthcare products company based out of Toronto, Canada. Our objective is to solve the ever-increasing need of sanitization on the go.  We make thoughtful designer, trendy and carry on products. 

Our products are manufactured locally in Canada. We are recently backed up by Futurpreneur Canada. We are growing at a fast pace and currently available on Amazon.ca, Google marketplace, Besprucy.com, Betterbelocal.com, Instagram etc. We are courageous, bold, fun and hygiene expert.

We believes that, poor sanitation is linked to transmission of diseases such as diarrhea, adenoviruses, HFMD, UTI etc. with the vision to reduce the diseases and conditions occurring from poor sanitization we are working on this idea from early 2016. 

Our products are as advertised. We are 100% honest on all our commitments.