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The idea for Be Sprucy was born during a family trip in 2016, when while exploring the great outdoors, we unearthed a sad reality. We witnessed how travelers, especially women, struggled to find clean hygiene facilities. While it didn’t dampen our adventurous spirit, it stirred in us a desire to help liberate women from this inconvenience. We wanted them to discover uncharted territories without worries and limits by having access to handy hygiene kits – hygiene kits that would empower them to trek trails, hike slopes, and explore untraveled roads with confidence. Be Sprucy was launched in 2020 and it’s been an exciting journey since.


We turned our idea into tangible products specially designed for people, particularly women, on the go. We initially launched two variants of pocket-sized hand sanitizers that are perfect for traveling to remote places where soap and water are not easy to find. Because we understand your need to travel light without compromising your health and hygiene needs, we created something compact yet packed with protecting and nurturing ingredients.

Our personal hygiene products’ formulations combine safety, convenience, and effectiveness. Using only healthy, premium-grade, 100% non-toxic, and cruelty-free ingredients, we created a range of products that address personal hygiene needs with a focus on women.

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