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Best travel size Disposable Female Urination Device Reduces The Risk Of UTI , Travel Friendly and Leak-proof.

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A perfect toilet solution

No Leak - No Spill - No Backsplash - No Overflow - No Mess

ERGONOMIC DESIGN/EASY TO USE - Birdy is anatomically shaped to fit you! No Leak - No Spill - No Backsplash - No Overflow - No Mess. The funnel is shaped for easy aiming - no wet clothes or shoes! Compatible with pants and outdoor clothing and gear as well.

Throw Away Your Toilet Fears!

There are many reasons to keep yourself healthy and clean. We give you 7 reasons why you should choose Birdy -

  • No cringing in loo

  • Water resistant

  • Avoid touch with seat

  • Portable & disposable

  • Funnel shaped

  • No hovering/half squat

  • Easy pocket fit

  • Alternate for seat

  • Easy to use

  • No more wiping of seat

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