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  • Birdy is a funnel-shaped urination device that enables women to go anywhere - concerts, road trips, camping and more; no more crouching or wiping. Urinate while standing up without taking off your clothing. Contains 10 individual single use funnels.
  • The Urination Device makes it convenient for women to stand and pee.
  • Don’t give on your peace to pee with ease! Birdy is here to help you steer clear of unhygienic toilet conditions & toilet borne infections.
  • No more squatting or practising acrobats in the toilet, it’s time to stand with ease & pee in peace. The Urination Device gives you the freedom to let go of the pressure during your encounters with unhygienic & unsanitary toilets.
  • Suitable partner for all your travels & for women who are suffering from joint pains! Just hold the urination device under your crotch, tilt it forward using by placing your thumb on the designated area, & let your worries go.
  • Please Note: Kindly do not flush the urination device, instead please dispose of it in the trash.

Birdy 20 Funnels - Disposable Travel Buddy Urination Device

SKU: 0731160
C$57.98 Regular Price
C$24.99Sale Price
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