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Awesome story behind Be Sprucy!

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

Hello Be Sprucy Family! Let me share with you the story behind the brand we all know today as Be Sprucy. It all started with a small problem of not being able to find a clean washroom.

II firmly believe that poor sanitation is a major contributor to the spread of many diseases. With a vision to reduce these diseases and conditions caused by poor sanitization, I had an idea in mind since early 2016. The moment of realization came during my travels when I couldn't find a clean restroom. I began working on this project in 2018.

Today, Be Sprucy is more than just an idea. Since our launch in 2020, we have been expanding at a fast pace, with recent funding from Futurpreneur and BDC. Our presence is now felt across Canada, through OTC retailers. Our success is largely due to word-of-mouth and digital marketing initiatives. Be Sprucy is a customer-focused and agile brand that operates in a growing hygiene market, addressing important areas of concern in the personal hygiene segment.

Proudly Canadian, Most our products and select accessories are made right here at home and shipped worldwide. We also run a parallel social impact program called "Hope For Women" to help women in low- and middle-income countries manage their menstrual cycles with ease.

Be Sprucy also run a parallel social impact program called “Hope For Women”. The motive behind the program is to help women in low- and middle-income countries who manage menstrual cycles with great difficulties.

Currently, Be Sprucy sells a range of personal hygiene products, with the hand sanitizer being our best-seller. Our brand is built on customer trust, positive reputation, invention, sustainability, and social consciousness. We aim to become the world's top personal hygiene company.

You can reach out to us at or visit our website at Our products can be purchased from our website,,,,, and local retailers.

Wishing you all tons of love, health, and happiness!

  • Ankur, Founder at Be Sprucy Inc.

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