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The Female Hygiene Revolution: Be Sprucy Is Here To Make Peeing Convenient And Cool

If you're like me, you've spent a fair share of time in public bathrooms. There are some similarities between my first-grade experience with the toilet and how I use it today: I still prefer sitting down (and sometimes even wearing shoes), but there's one thing that has changed dramatically since I was in kindergarten — technology! That's right: We live in an age where we can stand up while we pee, thanks to Birdy.

For most of us, peeing is a private thing.

You may have been taught that it's impolite to talk about peeing. You're not alone; most women have been taught that way. It's considered rude to ask someone if they need to use the bathroom, or worse yet--tell them when you yourself are in need of one! So let's get over those societal norms and start talking about our bladders!

Here's what we'll do: We will break down all of the barriers surrounding female hygiene products and make sure that everyone knows how important these products are for any woman who wants her life to be easy and comfortable.


No, this isn't a joke.

This is not a joke. Birdy is a real product, and it's available for purchase today.

If you're still skeptical, we understand--we were too at first!

Birdy has revolutionized how women use public bathrooms and stand while they are urinating.

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