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The company that is shaking the hand sanitzer industry

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

It's crucial to keep your hands clean in public places to prevent the spread of germs, illnesses, and bacteria. Since access to a sink is not always available, hand sanitizer is an effective defense against germs.

Be Sprucy Inc., a Canadian healthcare products company, has developed a non-traditional hand sanitizer that is hydrating, non-sticky, portable, and trendy. The company's goal is to revolutionize public healthcare with their hand sanitizing system and raise awareness about good-for-skin hand sanitizers. They offer consciously formulated, hydrating, fast-absorbing, and portable products to meet the needs of the hour.

Backed by Futurpreneur Canada, Be Sprucy Inc. is rapidly growing, with their products now available on OTC retailers across Canada,,, Google Marketplace,,, Instagram, Ultramar, Salons, and local retailers, among others.

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